Incredible Girl Catch Village Snake with Hand

There are many types if the snakes we have seen in this world and we know all that snakes are we very harmful and they have very dangers venom in their teethes and they can kill any living thing and any type of animals which they can see them enemy and living things are enemies for snake and they even they think snake is also a enemy of snake and their own some times they can kill self when they get ill they kill them self for not to get pain .insurances have many types which could be used that suits for our self and we can find them near to discuss about it and for future planes and many more benefits we can get and we can find them and to insure our self and our family.

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In this video you can see that how girl catches snakes and make them nothing only a playing game with them and how much she have dare to do things in which she could be in problem if snakes bits her she could be dead and with out any time she will survive or not no one can tell and when we see her now she e=is enjoying these snakes and taking them to her hands and seeing them and snake is biting but she knew that how to be get out from snake bit. Snakes are small but they are to dangers for her they have very powerful venom which immediately attack on mind nervous system and it can block blood veins.

Snakes and other reptiles are have both nervous system they have venom and crawl at earth surface and are very harmful and they have to strong smell listening and they can’t see more then their smell power they have like a antenna eyes which is to power full to see anything from far away many snakes can see in day time they stay at home hole and came out from surface at night time and they kill or eat their food at night time. They like cool weather and they don’t like summer because of heat they can’t hold their nervous system and they go down to surface and wait for night or for winter. education is most necessary in life and we have to educate and learn more things which can be useful for our life and can be best for us.

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Snakes have many types and some lives on water some in rocks some likes trees and some like to crawl every time some like to live in sands because in summer they easily go in surface and at rainy time they more get food then in jungle. Water snake can’t eat in water they have to come out side of their water and eat something and more of the snakes lives in jungle because jungle in everything to them more animals to eat in trees they can go upside and down side by easily with their crawl system and snakes have smell power so they can live any where .